You see what I mean – Le départ

This credulity, unfortunately extends to ghosts. A rational person fresh from his own house would have turned on his side and slept. I did not. So surely as I was given up as a bad carcass by the scores of things in the bed because the bulk of my blood was in my heart, so surely did I hear every stroke of a long game at billiards played in the echoing room behind the iron-barred door. My dominant fear was that the players might want a marker. It was an absurd fear; because creatures who could play in the dark would be above such superfluities. I only know that that was my terror; and it was real.
After a long long while, the game stopped, and the door banged, I slept because I was dead tired. Otherwise I should have preferred to have kept awake. Not for everything in Asia would I have dropped the door-bar and peered into the dark of the next room.
When the morning came, I considered that I had done well and wisely, and inquired for the means of departure.

Rudyard Kipling, My own true ghost story

n° 13 Le départ

le départ

« You see what I mean » comme une affirmation, ou comme une question, une question qui amène une réponse à l’autre bout du monde, ou plutôt deux questions qui interrogent le monde et par lequel on répond avec l’œil du spectateur au travers de l’objectif. C’est le défi auquel nous nous plions Fabienne et moi, une fois par semaine autour d’un thème choisi d’un commun accord. L’orientation choisie, nous nous faisons la surprise de l’image avec notre personnalité, notre regard, notre sensibilité, pour donner naissance à de nouvelles perspectives qui étonneront certainement autant les visiteurs curieux que les auteurs.

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